Is Your Site Leaking Leads and Money?

Learn 17 things you can fix on your site from the best online marketers. Increase your conversion rate right now with simple design, visual content and psychology.

How to use magnetic images for Twitter to be more persuasive

using images for twitter with apps

  Why should you spend the time to include images along with your tweets? The extra seconds required to add an image for Twitter posts will be worth it simply because of the engagement you get, and by engagement I am referring to clicks, retweets and favorites. Don’t quite believe it? Here’s data from Dan Zarella’s analysis of around 400,000 tweets: Buffer conducted a similar analysis on their recent tweets and found that tweets with images got a 150% more retweets. It would appear from their research that including images has the same effect that visual content has on most […]

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10 ways to grow and engage followers with visual social media content

visual social media content

Did you know that visual social media content gets more engagement and shares than text as far as social media content goes? How true is this with your posts? Are they talking about your business and sharing your content? Do you need to breathe new life into your content strategy and word-of-mouth tactics? You don’t have to create elaborate campaigns to increase your follower base or drive up engagement and visibility for your business. Visual content no matter what form of media they are in can be used to catch the eye and engage people in your message. They can […]

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17 essential ways website usability can increase conversion rates

website usability

  Have you ever felt frustrated after looking at a few sites in the hope of finding information that was important to you? Users have no patience for sites without it. Yet Google rewards it and web experts recommend it. (Image source) What is it? Website usability. Given that we live in a digital world your website must be easy to read and use. The good news is that it is not hard to achieve. Improving the usability of your site is not rocket science. You don’t need to know any code or technical stuff to give your users an […]

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How to convert more people into email subscribers

email subscribers

  Are you struggling to build your subscriber list? Is this the case despite focusing on the needs of your audience persona, asking the one question that will gain you a loyal following and placing email sign up forms in the best possible locations on your site? Chances are that you are unknowingly making a mistake that is impairing your ability to grow your subscriber list. Consider this – Every time a reader comes across a link – you’re essentially inviting the person to leave the page they’re on and follow the link. So the more options you have for […]

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How visual content boosts website conversion rates

visual content

Let me be honest with you, people like to interact with products or services that they want to buy as in they want to touch it, feel it, try it out if they can. In fact they hardly ever buy anything without seeing it. Trouble is you can’t really do these things online unless you are selling software or webware of some sort. To make up for this you need to add images. Trouble is that one of two things can happen. Your conversions and business goals will be achieved or you will kill your conversion rates. It seems simple […]

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