Is Your Site Leaking Leads and Money?

Learn 17 things you can fix on your site from the best online marketers. Increase your conversion rate right now with simple design, visual content and psychology.

How Visual Content Marketing Can Revive Your Marketing Strategy

visual content marketing strategies

Have you ever looked at your website and wondered if its lack of visual vitality is hampering your success? Perhaps like me you’ve had that niggling thought that simply having a bunch of text on your website isn’t enough — after all, some people are creating amazing visuals for their sites, so you have to make your content stands out more too. Research by BufferApp, Kissmetrics and Dan Zarella has proven that there is a continuously increasing emphasis on visuals on the web. So savvy businesses can take advantage of this to stand out and attract customers. Visual content works […]

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How to Become A Better Writer

how to become a better writer

  How to become a better writer? It is a question that just about any blogger, copywriter or content producer spends a fair bit of time worrying about. Questions like – How do we produce content that engages our audience and resonates with? How do we increase the conversion rate on calls to action? How do we create content that attracts more readers? Are just a few that rattle around in my head as they do in others.   Becoming a better writer is often thought of as more of an art form. However according to Steven Pinker, a cognitive […]

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How to make your blog more Twitter friendly

how to make your blog twitter friendly

If you have been blogging for a while then chances are that using Twitter to promote your content and building a following is a priority. Perhaps you got started with Twitter thinking that it can make content marketing easy by having your readers and followers share your content with their audiences. But are your readers actually sharing your content? Are you really achieving the traction on Twitter that you expected or deserve? If the answer to the above questions is no, then chances are that your content isn’t really aligned to your audience and or that the content on your blog isn’t […]

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Over 100 B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2015

b2b content marketing statistics 2015

Thanks to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, a new report covering the latest trends in B2B content marketing has been published. From documented content strategies vs no content strategy, to the most effective tactics, there is plenty of insight in this report to help guide B2B marketers with their content marketing direction. It’s easy to understand why B2B marketers “get” that they need to produce more content as a significant part of their overall marketing mix, but they need to know more about how to produce engaging content and be able to measure its effectiveness. There are many sharable […]

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How to make images for Twitter stand out

using images for twitter with apps

  Why should you spend the time to include images along with your tweets? The extra seconds required to add an image for Twitter posts will be worth it simply because of the engagement you get, and by engagement I am referring to clicks, retweets and favorites. Don’t quite believe it? Here’s data from Dan Zarella’s analysis of around 400,000 tweets: Buffer conducted a similar analysis on their recent tweets and found that tweets with images got a 150% more retweets. It would appear from their research that including images has the same effect that visual content has on most […]

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