Is Your Site Leaking Leads and Money?

Learn 17 things you can fix on your site in the next week to increase your conversion rate (by plugging some of the biggest holes) including:

  • How to focus your blog to attract your ideal clients
  • The 2 secrets that no designer will tell you about increasing sales and leads
  • How to get your website visitors to actually subscribe to your list
  • How to create visual content that people love to share

How to convert more visitors into email subscribers

email subscribers

Are you struggling to build your subscriber list? Is this the case despite focusing on the needs of your audience persona, asking the one question that will gain you a loyal following and placing email sign up forms in the best possible locations on your site? Chances are that you are unknowingly making a mistake that is impairing your ability to grow your subscriber list. Consider this – Every time a reader comes across a link – you’re essentially inviting the person to leave the page they’re on and follow the link. So the more options you have for your […]

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7 visual content tips to boost website conversion rates

visual content

Let me be honest with you, people like to interact with products or services that they want to buy as in they want to touch it, feel it, try it out if they can. In fact they hardly ever buy anything without seeing it. Trouble is you can’t really do these things online unless you are selling software or webware of some sort. To make up for this you need to add images. Trouble is that one of two things can happen. Your conversions and business goals will be achieved or you will kill your conversion rates. It seems simple […]

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7 Persuasive Product Sales Copy Tactics You Can Steal from Seth Godin

sales copy

Can you write sales copy to sell something to someone who doesn’t even know they need it? It’s hard enough to write compelling sales copy or a product description but to write something for someone who doesn’t even know they need it? That’s like a whole new level of copywriting. I was quite surprised to see this post on Seth Godin’s blog talking about his new venture where he is trying to do just that. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. See Seth has a reputation for his marketing wizardry. His insightful and paradigm shifting […]

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5 Ways to Connect with Your Fans Using Visual Storytelling

red bull content marketing

Have you heard marketers proclaim that content is king? However visual storytelling for business seems to be gaining momentum given the rise in popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest, SlideShare and Vine. Consider this tweet with just 3 words. Sent on November 7, 2012 the tweet along with a photo received over 770,000 retweets. Four more years. — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 7, 2012 Why did it get so many retweets? It was the image and tweet that the Obama campaign sent out after the president was declared the winner. This tweet captured both an […]

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The Power of Storytelling to Increase ROI: How to increase online conversions by 4 times

the power of storytelling

Chris Haddad sells informational products that teach women how to find their perfect match. When he first created the landing page for his product, he listed the benefits of the product and the reasons to buy. His offer at the time converted at 2%. When he changed the copy on the landing page to tell the story of how his then girlfriend (now wife) used specific sales tactics to keep him interested and lock him down, his conversion rate went up to 8%. The reason for the 4 fold increase in conversion – a personal story that women could relate […]

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