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“I needed someone who understood the challenges of building a business with content. He has freed me up from the daily grind of writing, editing, publishing and promoting posts. His skills as a writer and attention to detail have always produced one-of-a-kind content which is meaningful and impactful for both the reader and Google. This has saved me massive amounts of time allowing me to concentrate on other vital projects. Hiring Vinay is a smart strategic move for any business wanting to grow in the medium to longer term with earned media.”

Dan Norris, Co-founder of WPCurve

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“Vinay helped us kick off our content in way that was unique, gained attention, drove traffic and even opened up potential partnerships.”

Sreedhar Ambati, CEO of Engagebay

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vinay koshy

Vinay Koshy

When I was about 11, I got on my first ride on a roller coaster.

I wasn’t too sure of what to expect other than that I would experience speed. As the ride commenced I found my organs doing strange things - like my mind telling me that this was all wrong and in danger, my heart skipping more than a beat and my stomach.... well, let’s not go there.

My experience on that rollercoaster ride reminds me of what it can be like for most prospects and customers.

As businesses we want customers and want them to have a positive experience. Yet more often than not what they are in for is an uncertain yet wild rollercoaster ride.

So what can we do provide a great experience and tame the wilder aspects of the buyer/customer journey?

The answer is simple - get to know them and understand their experiences.

It’s something I learned working for SaaS companies including WPCurve building their audience to over 30,000 subscribers before it was sold to GoDaddy.

But how do you scale gaining customer insights, fuelling your content strategy, gaining quality leads etc all while driving business growth?

I have come to realize there is a simpler and better way to do it. What is it?

Collaborating with influencers in your industry and within your business which allows you to:

  • Build warm relationships
  • Better understand your audience and customers
  • Craft the right content
  • Share your culture
  • Create memorable experiences if you execute it right.

It's said that the golden rule of content is that it should be educational and entertaining.

Collaboration can achieve both as you tap into the expertise and insights of experts. Other benefits include:

  • Immediate ROI if you target your ideal customer personas
  • Improve employee advocacy
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Fuel your content machine and build a huge resource that can be repurposed for multi-channel promotion.
  • Expand your influence via your personal brand
  • Build trust and show case your expertise with your target audience.

Most importantly it builds an audience and community which comes back for more.

You see, as we pulled up at the end my first rollercoaster ride, I stepped out with my new windswept look, staggered over to my dad, looked up at him and said - That was awesome! Can I go again?

That’s what you want to hear from your clients - That was awesome! Let’s do it again!

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Ready to Expand Your Influence and Drive Business Growth via Collaboration?

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