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Hiring Vinay is a smart strategic move for any business wanting to grow in the medium to longer term with earned media given his skills, experience. Not to mention the enormous amount to time and resources saved. 

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What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

During our free strategy call we'll cover whats working for you what you'd like to achieve and how a podcast and or content repurposing strategy can work for your business. This will be a personalized session where we will map out: 

A predictable, repeatable process which avoids the content money pit and commitment of additional time and resources. 

  1. How to create wins for each piece of content you generate. 
  2. How each piece of content can engage a future customer
  3. How each content piece can get the attention of other customers that meet your ideal persona requirements.

What I’ll Do Before the Call

Before the call I'll check out your content and conduct a content audit on both your social media channels as well as your website. 

What Happens During the Call

On the call we will cover what's working and what isn't and where you can find some quick wins.

The objectives:

  • Increase your visibility in a win-win way with your ideal future clients
  • Increase the ROI on your content strategy.

What Changes After the Call

At the end of our call you will have:

  • A map for increasing your visibility which takes up little by way of resources and time in creating content
  • A map for repurposing content to help you increase your influence and get in front of more ideal customers. 

About Vinay

As a Copyblogger certified content marketer and having worked for companies like WP Curve, Baremetrics, HubStaff, MailMunch and SessionCam, I have the experience to take your content and lead generation to the next level.

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Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Here's what a few people are saying …

michael Haynes

Author and Growth Marketing Expert

I highly recommend Vinay Koshy.  His podcast, content marketing process and content are highly insightful.


Speaker + Coach

Clarity, win-win relationships and roadmaps are key aspects of my initial call with Vinay. The overall objective - increase my lead generation and content marketing via podcasting in way that creates value for all involved. 



Vinay does a fantastic job of articulating your thoughts and process in a unique easy to understand way that wins business. 

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